Transportation is a Privilege and Not a Right

  • Each transported student has the right to a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school that is free from intimidation, threat, or harassment. Good conduct of all transported students while waiting for the school bus and while traveling to and from school is primary to a safe and enjoyable ride for all students.

    The Board of Education has established student behavior standards which apply to all transported students while on the school bus and while in school bus loading and unloading areas. The Board Policy applies to all Saint Paul Public Schools and to non-public and charter schools transported by the District. Failure of a non-public or charter school to follow the Board Policy may result in sanctions from the Minnesota Department of Education and/or the Saint Paul Public Schools.

    Each individual student, as well as his/her parents or guardians, is responsible for the behavior of that student while on the school bus and in school bus loading or unloading areas. Transported students and their parents are expected to be familiar with the Board of Education's expectations for student conduct on school buses and in school loading and unloading areas.

    Transportation service is a privilege that is granted to the student contingent upon the exhibition of proper behavior according to District behavioral standards. Minnesota Statute 121A.59 provides that transportation is a privilege not a right for an eligible student. A student's eligibility to ride the school bus may be suspended or revoked for a violation of any law or policy governing student conduct on a school bus. Revocation of a student's bus riding privileges is not an exclusion, expulsion, or suspension under the Fair Pupil Dismissal Act of 1974.

    Parents of transported students are responsible for supervising their children until such times as the student boards the school bus in the morning and after the child leaves the bus at the end of the school day. Parents also share responsibility with the child for his/her conduct while on the school bus and while in school bus loading and unloading areas.

    Students who are involved in serious or repeated incidents of unacceptable student conduct on the school bus will have their riding privileges suspended or revoked. The parent or guardian of a student suspended from transportation is responsible for ensuring that the student travels safely to and from school. The District will NOT provide alternative transportation to a student whose transportation privileges have been suspended or revoked.