• Elementary English Language Arts and Media Arts Integrated Resources

    In this section, you will find the stories of projects, lessons and examples of DigitalWorks-created media arts integration into the 3rd - 5th grade ELA curriculum.  

    Click on the images to learn more about each project and access documents. More resources are found on the left sidebar.

    Grade 3:

    character traits
    Character Traits Portraits
    Creating Interactive Adjectives & Character Trait Portraits
    Using Digital Photography and QR Codes in
    the ELL Classroom and Technology

    Grade 4:

    Similes and iMovie
    Similes and Character Descriptions
    Through the Arts and Technology

    Lines Found in Art
    Using Stop Motion Animation and Garageband
    to Tell A Story

    kitten Elements of Stories with Stop Motion Animation
    Identifying Details of Narrative Text to Retell a Story

    Introduction to iMovie Trailers
    Digital Storytelling and Media Arts Introduction


    Grade 5:

    just because
    Digital Poetry
    Writing and Reciting Poems About Stereotypes

    Biographical Documentary
    Filmmaking and the Absent Narrative