Safety Operations

  • The Saint Paul Public Schools operates an agressive safety program which includes pupil transportation safety training, inservice training of school bus drivers and special education bus assistants, and intensive safety supervision of the daily operations of School District and contractor employed drivers.

    The Transportation Departmenrt offers teachers copyrighted grade level appropriate school bus and pedestrian safety instructional curriculum developed by District staff, as well as an extensive assortment of complementing safety materials. Many of these materials were developed and copyrighted by the Transportation Department.

    District Traffic Operations Coordinators supervise the daily compliance of school bus drivers with Minnesota Statutes, Minnesota State Agency Rules, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, Distict administrative and contract requirements, and safe operating practices.

    Drivers are monitored by traffic lidar (laser), traffic laser, mobile surveilance equipment, and direct observation.

    Saint Paul Police Officers in School District vehicles respond to all serious incidents of unacceptable student conduct, enforce school bus loading zones, enforce motorist compliance with Minnesota's school bus stop violation law, and respond to iinfrequent ncidents such as assaults, threats against drivers, and intruders on the school bus.