Changes in Bus Stop, Residence or Daycare

  • All requests for route changes, or changes of address or daycare, must come through the office of the school the child attends.  The Transportation Department cannot accept requests for address changes or stop changes directly from any parent, daycare provider, or teacher.  This is for the safety of the student and is intended to ensure that both the school records and the Transportation Department records are identical and correct.

    A new route copy will be issued to the school and to the school bus contractor for each route change, or series of changes that are effective on the same date. Route changes are normally processed in three working days, however changes will take longer during the first few weeks of the school year.  In the event of a major route revision the school will be given sufficient time to notify the parents of the students riding on the route(s).

    Route changes will not be made for temporary situations of less than five transportation days.  For student safety all changes must follow District procedures and be issued to the contractor and the school in printed format.   No changes will be made with a contractor via telephone.