Minnesota Enrollment Option Programs - Interdistrict Open Enrollment

  • Non Resident Students Attending Under Enrollment Options Programs
    Transportation service is provided to nonresident students attending a Saint Paul Public School under one of the Minnesota Enrollment Options Programs (Open Enrollment), foundation aids exchange, or other program for which transportation is authorized in Minnesota Statutes.  Transportation is provided from stops which are within the attendance area of the school but not within the walk area of the school.

    A resident student who moves to a location outside of Saint Paul and who wishes to continue at the school attended must apply under the Enrollment Options Program (Open Enrollment).  A student residing outside of Saint Paul is not eligible for transportation without an approved Open Enrollment agreement.  Information on the Minnesota Enrollment Options Programs may be obtained from Bonnie Province at 651-767-3474.

    Many of the streets that border Saint Paul have significant traffic volume.  Please ensure that all parents of students attending under enrollment options understand that it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supervise the student while traveling to and from the school bus stop.