Game tiles spelling out "Advertised Bids"

Advertised Bid Basics

  • Advertised are posted here and in the Saint Paul Legal Ledger (612/584-1564).

    Bids must be received by the date and time shown in the bid posting.

    Bids are to be delivered to:

    Independent School District No. 625, Saint Paul Public Schools
    Purchasing & Contract Services Department
    360 Colborne Street, Room 114
    Saint Paul, MN 55102

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact Purchasing & Contract Services


    UPDATE 3/25/2020

    We have developed a support e-mail for those vendors having issues creating a log-in for the new e-submittal site.  Please direct support related questions to


    UPDATE 3/23/2020


    As District buildings are closed to the public, the P&CS Department for SPPS has created a process to electronically submit bids/proposals during the current distruption caused by COVID 19.  Vendors must submit all bids/propoasals via the District's e-solicitation process.  A link will be provided on all event postings on the website.  There is also a quick reference guide with each event, and at the link below. 

    Vendor Submissions - Quick Reference Guide

    (updated 3.24.2020)

    We all appreciate the support offered by all vendors in this unprecedented times.



    Following the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order 20-02 requiring school closures, the Saint Paul Public Schools buildings will be closed.  This will affect the opening of solicitations published by the Purchasing & Contract Services (“P&CS”) department for the District.  The opening of bids/submissions for these events will continue, without the ability for the public to attend.  All details of the submitted bid tabulations will be published no later than 24 hours after the opening on the site.

    Through Thursday 3/19/2020, vendors may still drop off submissions in person at the P&CS offices at the District building located at 360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102. P&CS offices are located on the ground level; vendors should use main entrance to the building and follow directions. Submissions can also be made via mail or package delivery such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. However, it is vendor’s responsibility to assure timely submission. Please note the date and time of bids due has not been changed.

    Going forward with bid events after Thursday 3/19/2020, all bid/proposal submissions will need to be in an electronic format while the closure of District buildings is in effect.  P&CS is working hard to get the system in place to make this process happen.  Please look for more information in the coming days on how this process will take place.  Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times.

Open Advertised Bids and RFPs

  • A21-1401-A Architectural Services

  • RFP A21-1378 Retiree Health Exchange

  • A20-0747-A Bridgeview Roof Replacement

  • RFP A21-1331-A Post-65 Medical

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