Vendor Information

  • The Saint Paul Public Board adopted a Sweatshop Free Purchasing Policy. 

    The School Board Policy requires that Clothing and Athletic equipment being purchased in excess of $1000 by the District must come from a Sweatshop Free manufacturer/fabricator.

    Vendors are encouraged to have the paperwork below done in advance so that the District can pre-qualify manufacturers/fabricators. This will enable the Purchasing and Contract Services Department to inform schools and departments of vendors that sell clothing and equipment from manufacturer/fabricators that are Sweatshop Free.

    Below is a link to the paperwork that must be filled out by the Manufacturer (the originator of the item not necessarily and in most cases not the seller). This needs to be done before we can process this for payment. This information will be posted to the District website and is reviewed by the School Board and by representative of

Last Modified on November 2, 2022