First Grade Homework Policy

  • First Grade 2
    It is recommended that first grade students at Capitol Hill School set aside a minimum of 15 minutes per day for homework on a regularly scheduled basis (for example, 4:30 – 4:45 every day). During this period of time, we suggest that the students choose one or more of the following activities, depending on individual needs and assignments:
    • read silently or orally
    • practice using weekly vocabulary words in speaking and writing
    • practice math facts (make flashcards; find problems to solve)
    • complete school assignments (watch for papers that come home with “Please finish” or “Homework” or "Home Link" written on them; these should be completed and returned to school)
    • look around and record seasonal/phenological changes and bring to school
    • work on special projects or reports (you will receive information on criteria and due dates for all assigned projects)
    • practice printing letters and numbers
    • write a story or letter (to Grandma or a friend, for instance)
    The regular homework time is important to establish now, when your child is young. He or she will need your help in finding the best time for your household and in remembering to use the agreed-upon time each day.

Daily Homework Report

  • To help students develop a routine for doing their homework and good study habits, the first graders will fill out a DAILY HOMEWORK REPORT Monday through Friday and return it daily in their IMPORTANT PAPERS FOLDER. Students are to discuss their homework with their parents each day. We ask that parents initial the DAILY HOMEWORK REPORT each day.