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  • For application, payment or other questions, please call 651-603-4950 and listen to your options. Or email us at


Staff Name Staff Title Staff Email Staff Phone
Stacy Koppen, MS, RD Nutrition Services Director 651-603-4945
Lynn Broberg Nutrition Services Assistant Director 651-523-6325
Ricardo Abbott Nutrition Center Manager 651-744-3382
Mirka Novosad Nutrition Services Manager 651-744-6396
Anne Ferreira Nutrition Services Coordinator 651-744-1095
Irene Kozlowski Nutrition Services Coordinator 651-744-6334
Mary Smith Nutrition Services Coordinator 651-523-6358
Cameron Weir Nutrition Services Coordinator 651-744-5787
Cole Welhaven LN, SNS Nutrition Coordinator 651-523-6328
Jill Westlund Nutrition Coordinator 651-744-6303
Bono Gbolo Nutrition Center Operations Coordinator 651-744-4090
Genny Turner Nutrition Center Operations Coordinator 651-744-3882
Tracy Alexander Nutrition Services Purchasing Analyst 651-603-4971
Leighton Swanson Accountant 651-767-8353
Patti Wells Lead Clerk 651-603-4952
Kate Cervantes Food Quality Control Specialist 651-744-2625
Mari Lowry, SNS Food Quality Control Specialist 651-603-4956
Kathy Sheehan Nutrition Program Clerk 651-523-6331
Eileen Flaherty Nutrition Reporting Clerk 651-744-1737
Connie Keyes Account Clerk II 651-523-6351
Martha Hill Clerk Typist III 651-523-6343
Jesse Faciana Clerk III 651-744-3776
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