Mental Health Resources

  • Mental Health Crisis Resources:

    Children’s Crisis Response                                  651-774-7000

    Ramsey County Adult Mental Health Crisis         651-266-7900

    Crisis Connection                                                 612-379-6363

    Suicide Prevention - Hennepin County                612-347-2222


    Other Resources:

    United Way First Call for Help                             651-291-0211

    Sexual Offense Services Ramsey County          651-643-3006


    Outpatient Mental Health Services:

    American Indian Family Center                           651-793-3803

    Canvas Health                                                     651-777-5222

    CLUES                                                                 651-379-4200

    Face to Face Health & Counseling Center          651-772-5555

    Project Assist                                                       651-266-4042

    Su Familia Multicultural Counseling                     651-332-5500

    Thad Wilderson & Associates                              651-225-8997

    Wilder Child Guidance                                         651-280-2310


    ***If the student has medical insurance, calling the member services number on the back of the card is an effective way to obtain options for outpatient mental health services that are covered by their insurance.


    Inpatient & Partial Programs in the St. Paul Area:

    Allina Assessment & Referral @Abbott Northwestern                        612-863-8633

    Child & Adolescent Partial Program @ Abbott Northwestern             612-863-3036

    Assessment & Referral @ United Hospital                                         651-241-8694

    Mental Health Services for Adults & Adolescents @ United               651-241-8565

    University of MN Medical Center, Fairview Behavioral Emergency    612-672-6600


    Local Hospitals:

    Abbott                                         612-863-8633

    Children’s                                   651-220-6000

    Fairview                                      612-672-6600

    Regions                                      651-254-1000

    United                                         651-241-8755