One Stop Parent/Guardian Password Reset Tool

  • Parents and Guardians

    If you DO NOT remember your One Stop Password

    1. Enter your username above and select if you would like a reset code to be sent via email or text message. 
    2. After you click the submit button, check your email or mobile phone for the code. 

    3. On the next page, you will then enter your username and the code to reset your password.

      • PLEASE NOTE: You must have your email address or mobile phone number listed in your child’s school records.


    If you DO NOT remember your One Stop Username (or do not have email and mobile phone information in your child's school records).

    • Call your school’s main office to request your username and to reset your password.



    If you DO NOT remember your username and password for SPPS Apps (Google) or other digital classroom tools, please contact your teacher.