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    Looking for an engaging experience that focuses on learning? We aim to meet the needs of all students. If you don't find what you are looking for below, please contact us- we may be able to accommodate your request! 

    Yes- we work with all schools and learning programs!

    Schools OUTSIDE of St. Paul Public Schools (ISD625)

    We are pleased to offer virtual lessons to classrooms outside of St. Paul. Lesson content can include sun, moon and stars, moon phases, planets and seasons! All lessons are based on MN Science Standards. Lessons are available with both the 2009 science standards and the 2019 science standards.

    All lessons are:

    -Standards-based lessons designed and taught by a licensed teacher (Grades 1, 3, 5 or middle school)

    -Tailored to suit the learning needs of your class (If you want a different topic- we can usually accommodate it)

    -Licensed teacher that utilizes planetarium software for every lesson

    -Live or virtual lessons available

    Fill out this form to request a program date and time during the school year (For schools OUTSIDE of St. Paul Public Schools- ISD 625)


    St. Paul Public School Visits

    Como Planetarium is part of St. Paul Public Schools (ISD 625). Our physical building serves St. Paul Public School students first!  SPPS Teachers can register for an onsite FREE field trip here (Grades, 1,3,4 and middle school). Thank you to 3M for making these trips possible!

    Attending the planetarium in person is highly beneficial for student learning and does not increase chances of COVID exposure beyond what students experience in their own on-site classroom daily. (updated 6/27/22)

    Como Planetarium limits COVID exposures by:

    1. Being an SPPS site run by an SPPS teacher- all district protocols apply, including masking and cleaning

    2. Hosting only one classroom at a time in a space designed to hold twice as many people (built for 55 people). Social distancing can be maintained

    3. Using an entrance just for the planetarium field trips-students have no contact with any other personnel or students from the rest of the building.

    4. Having only one SPPS teacher, Sarah Weaver, on-site and she can easily keep social distance while providing quality lessons.

    5. Having students bring their own iPads to eliminate a shared touch surface and increase the interaction for the lesson

    Contact Sarah Weaver if you have any questions (

    Updated lesson resources (2022)

    First Grade Introduction to the planetarium

    Third Grade Introduction to the planetarium and support lessons

    2009 Science Standards

    Resources for SPPS Teachers (all grades)