• If you have to miss a practice - email your coaches and cc your parent in the email                    2016 Race Schedule

    Coach - brad.moening@spps.org        Coach - mtbtridad@gmail.com (Coach Mr. Paul Johnson)


    Workouts for the First Two weeks of practice are mostly at 7:00 am.  The third week of practice will change to mostly 2:30 pm.


    Workouts Week of Aug 15 (practices usually run about 2 hours)


    Meet on the track at 9:00 am ready to run - HP Forms and Fees

    If you haven’t turned in your forms - be at the Athletics Director’s office by 8:00 am and be ready to stand in line.

    No practice without a yellowcard from the Athletics Director (she gives you yellowcard when forms, physicals, fees turned in)

    Workout:  You get to make your mark on the 1.5 Mile Time Trial.  Previous Results - Boys Girls

    Recovery run after time trial, followed by grass strides

    Prospective Varsity Nordic Skiers - minimum of 3 x 1 minute on rollerboard - every day we practice


    Meet on the track at 7:00 am - 3 to 8 mile recovery run.  Barefoot running and strides.

    Introduction to the Weight room and strength routines

    Rumors of a Nordic Ski Captain’s Practice on a Hill in the evening.


    Meet on the track at 7:00 am

    Warmup, Threshold 400s on grass, 1 to 4 mile cd

    Issue Uniforms


    Varsity Morning Run - 2 to 3 miles (on your own)

    Racey McRaceFace Presents The Abricah Memorial Run -     2015 Results

    JV runners arrive at the Track at 6:30 pm, Varsity Runners at 7:00 pm

    7:15 pm JV Boys Mile

    7:30 pm JV Girls Mile

    7:45 pm Open Mile - parents, siblings, alumni (parents are highly encouraged to run the 1 mile - helps to develop empathy)

    8:00 pm Varsity Boys 3200 meters

    8:30 pm Varsity Girls 3200 meters

    8:50 pm Awards for Fantasy Fitness and Summer Mileage


    All Runners - meet at 7:00 am at the track for a recovery run (3 to 8) and weight room.  Varsity boys run 8, Varsity girls run 6.

    9th Grade Boys - 400 meter showdown - for a prize that you get to wear for 2 weeks


    Morning: Volunteers at Breakaway Kids Tri at Lake Elmo.

    Captain’s Practice - details to be posted on wiki page - 3 to 10 miles LSD - varsity boys run 8 to 10, varsity girls run 6 to 8


    Rest Day - top varsity runners - 4 miles recovery run

    This is a good day for a long 3 hour rollerski.