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    Thanks to all who attended the PTO meeting on 11/5!


    Please consider a donation to the Capitol Hill PTO for Give to the Max day, November 15! Your donations provide lasting value to our students and teachers.

    Read on to see what PTO donations are funding.

    Meeting minutes:

    PTO meeting 11/5/18
    Approximately 60 attendees

    Dinner from Kim's Chow Mein was served at 5.30 p.m. with the meeting beginning at 6.00 p.m. 


    Owen King introduced Leslie Aktan. The attendees voted to confirm her as co-chair. Patrick Bryan welcomed the parents and thanked everyone for attending.

    Owen talked about spending down some of the PTO surplus to fund teacher proposals. Long term, sustainable projects and ideas that would benefit a large number of students. Past purchases include Rendezvous tepee, band shells, new kiln, STEM materials etc. Four proposals being voted on today.

    Ann Young requesting funds for flexible seating for second grade. 20 years in the same classroom with tables. Research shows kids do better with more seating choices and learn better. Laundry baskets work well. Requesting scoop chairs, stools, lap desks, LED desk lamps etc. More movement and better posture. Free choice seating is earned. Great success with the experiment this year but need more funds. Requesting approx. $900. Imagine your kid in a coffee shop. Funding request is only for Ms. Young’s classroom.

    Jeff Fulton requesting funds for band and orchestra. First request is for better chairs for student musicians. Seated but mimics a standing posture, helps technique and lung capacity. Made by Wenger, a MN company. Request funding for 100 chairs to serve 300 students each year. Second request is for new xylophone. Current xylophone is old and in poor shape. Third request is for a new concert quality snare drum. Current drum is entry level. Chairs $5900, xylophone $2400 and snare drum $599. This request is for band only.

    Marti Starr requested funds for first grade STEM materials and Jenny Eisele requested funds for a GaGa pit for middle school. First is for middle school GaGa ball pit from Ms. Eisele. Portable, durable and safe, housed in Rondo playground. Specifically for middle school kids who are too old for the playground. Cost is $4825. Parents talked about how their kids really like GaGa pits. Very active games. $900 requested for all of first grade STEM materials. Kids spending time on iPads now and need more creative, hand on, interactive time. Their communication improves and creativity soars. Wood blocks, Lego, Connect, creativity games etc. One parent voiced concern about LED lights having blue light and affecting circadian rhythms. 

    PTO will keep $40k in the bank and spend $30k to fund teacher requests. PTO gives teachers a budget each year to spend. This is over and above that, for something that has some lasting value. So for instance, not funding an artist in residence. $15,575 is requested today. 

    Discussion around saving a cushion versus spending. Owen explained that we will save some and spend some. We also hope to get some traction with fundraising. Currently we are behind. 

    Parents can also request funding, not just teachers. Kristen will send the form out.


    $1000 approved for Ms. Young by vote.

    $ 9800 approved for Mr. Fulton by vote

    $4900 approved for Ms. Eisele by vote

    $2000 approved for Ms. Starr by vote (buy another set of blocks for all of first grade)


    Budget update from treasurer. GTMD is coming. 6.9% is kept by GiveMN. Tomorrow big expense for all of middle school to visit MN Zoo. We are 1/3 toward goal. A parent requested a full description of where the money goes.

    We will be sending grade level spending with students soon. Patrick Bryan seeking more marketing ideas from parents.

    Patrick Bryan- Concordia walking bridge is being revamped for greater student safety. Thanks to Yeng Callahan for leading this. Thanks to the parents leading the charge on Silent Auction and Doing Good Together.

    Celebration of Community update: save the date, February 1, 2019. Location TBD. Offer an event, volunteer! Looking for grade level liaisons to coordinate with teachers and reach out to parents. Email for more information or to volunteer.

    We need conference meals! Please help out. It’s a Capitol Hill tradition that the parent community feeds teachers on conference days. The coordinator is not available to take money this year but parents can order various things online or by telephone. Check out the Facebook group for details or contact the PTO chair by email. 

    Doing Good Together is our annual service night, February 26th, 2019. Kids and parents do various things like make sandwiches, bags of toiletries, bird toys, pollinator packets etc. 

    The National Association for Gifted Children is doing their annual conference in Minneapolis 11/16-18. $50 for the family Saturday, 11/17, includes membership. 8 am to 5 pm at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

    Send your feedback on movie night to Owen and Leslie. Email



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  • Ways you can support PTO and get a tax deduction.

    Our goal is to make fundraising simple, flexible, and budget friendly for all families. 

    The more we are able to raise funds through direct donations, the fewer fundraiser events we must host; therefore freeing our time and efforts to support the school and students with more educational services and experiences.  

    1. Direct Drive - Our annual drive to gather donations directly! Contributions may be made by check or through using your credit card by clicking here. 100% of the dollars raised go directly to support teachers and students at Capitol Hill. 
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