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    Meeting minutes:

    PTO meeting 1/14/19

    Approximately 50 attendees


    Dinner from Hot Indian

    Introduction by Owen and Leslie, Co-chairs


    Primary focus today is reviewing teacher funding requests.

     David Putnam requesting robotics funds to purchase VEX kits, controllers and batteries. 6th 7th and 8th grade. The kids do a lot of robotics. Request is for $1700 total and extra $1100 if possible for another VEX kit. $2800.

     5th grade team requesting funding for flexible/active seating, 30 wobble chairs @$50 each. Total $1500. 6 for each classroom. 5th graders are building stamina so they can work for longer periods of time. Better than yoga balls. Each chair can hold up to 200 lb. Tested and safe. Jenny Eisele made the request.

     A parent asked how chairs are allotted. They are assigned as requested, and some kids need them all the time. The kids share.

     Gina Engelking is requesting funds for xylophones. Original request was for $15K. Board decided to allot $6K and Ms. Engelking can choose.

     Math Manipulative Library request from middle school math teachers. The library would be shared by all grades 1-8). Manipulatives support hands on learning in geometry, algebra, and so on. Geoboards, hexagram weights, customary weight sets (compare metric and imperial), Magna-tiles. Ask is for $3800 and that includes storage bins. A third of attendees at every math meet are CH kids. This would foster the love of math and also flow through to sciences and robotics.

     Sensory fidget bins request, with fidget toys that foster concentration. Laura Heidemann request. Also for chair risers. PTO was concerned about durability and long life, so the request was modified. One bin per classroom. She met with all the elementary teachers and put together this request.

     We do have funds for all these requests.


    Why is the district not paying for instruments? Funding has been stripped for school day music- Patrick Bryan.

     What is the pattern of usage of the xylophones? Parent question. Can they be phased in? Ms. Engelking selected those that multiple kids can use concurrently. Life span is 15-30 years.

     This is the end of the surplus funds allotment for teacher requests for the year. We began the year with $70k surplus and PTO wanted to spend some of it down and benefit the kids who are still in CH of parents who’ve donated (Owen).


    Flexible seating $1500 was approved by vote.

    Xylophones $6K was approved by vote.

    Robotics request $2800 was approved by vote.

    Fidget bins $883 was approved by vote.

    Math Manipulatives $3775 was approved by vote.


    Celebration of Community Feb 1. Please volunteer for that night to check people in and out. 7 to 9.30 at the North Garden Theater. Please donate an event! Pick a date, an audience and an activity!

    Doing Good Together Feb 26, Abby Heuckendorf talked about this annual family service night. A lot of the popular stations will be back again this year.

    Next PTO meeting March 11.

    Apex Fun Run March 15.

    Spring carnival Friday, April 26, 5.30 to 8 p.m. Kristin Abraham is looking for a Co-chair.

    Last PTO meeting May 13.


    Kristen Cornelius walked through the budget spreadsheet.

    Principal Bryan update- leanest budget in 8 years. Optimistic about next year’s budget, since the referendum passed last fall. Parent advocacy matters. More equitable funding for SPPS, Owen was co-chair of the funding committee.

    New start time next fall- how to ease this transition? CH is running two tours a week, every week. Gifted needs need peers, and we offer that at CH. Please consider joining the PTO board!



    $18 million of the SPPS budget does NOT go to schools. Let’s mobilize for our kids.

    He will look into what educational resources and research he can point parents toward.



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