Event Planning Guidelines

  • To assist volunteers in planning events for the Capitol Hill community, the PTO has created some guidelines and process descriptions to help ensure a successful event. Having PTO co-sponsorship allows your event to be covered under the PTO’s general liability insurance.  (Capitol Hill’s insurance does not cover outside groups hosting meetings or events.)  Because the PTO is responsible, we will ask for information about your event (supervision, activities, etc.) to determine whether it is something we can co-sponsor.  Please plan to provide a detailed description of your event.

    All PTO events must meet the following guidelines.

    Building Permit — All events must have received a building permit at least two weeks prior to the event.

    PTO Endorsement — A PTO event request must be filled and approved by the PTO. Please submit the event request two months before the event date. In an emergency, requests can be considered between meeting by filling out the request and sending an email to ptochair.capitolhill@gmail.com.

    Communication — The event needs to be communicated to accomodate all of the participants. Multiple means of communication are encouraged. A communications plan should be submitted to the PTO so it can assist.

    Volunteers — Volunteer needs should be sent to the Volunteer Coordinator at least one month in advance. Each event must have at least two adults that are able to coordinate during the event. Reliance on a single individual for the event will leave it vulnerable to sickness or accidents. Junior High student volunteers do not need to be accompanied by adult chaperones if they are registered and identied with name tags. A communication system during the event should be agreed upon. For events spanning multiple areas, using the school's walkie-talkies is a convenient solution.

    Chaperones — Students must be accompanied by adult chaperones, with at least one chaperone for every four children. This is true for Junior High students as well, with the exception of volunteers.

    Set Up/Clean Up — The event team is responsible for setting up and cleaning up. All chairs and tables will need to be returned to the racks after the event. The custodians will take out any trash placed in trash receptacles.

    Facilities — Events using school facilities must comply with the the district's guidelines. Events hosted outside of school facilities will be expected to understand and comply with those guidelines.

    Building Permitting Procedure

    This procedure should be followed to receive a building permit for the Rondo building. It can include space as well as resources, like tables and chairs.

    1. Review the Capitol Hill event calendar to make sure there is no conflict with the desired date. It can be found on the Calendar link on the school web site.
    2. Fill out a permit, including rooms and any amenities, including the number of tables and chairs, orientation of tables and chairs, warming oven, milk cooler (a large, horizontal cooler)... Permits are managed through the community education office at 360 Colborne. Permits can be picked up from the main office at Capitol Hill or downloaded from the Community Ed web site.
    3. Use of Capitol Hill equipment (loudspeaker, signs and walkie talkies) should be arranged with MaiKia Lee.
    4. Email, fax or drop off the permit application to MaiKia at Capitol Hill. 
    5. A confirmation of acceptance will be received with the details of the event.

    Communication Planning

    There are multiple ways of communicating with parents and teachers and no method is perfect. Using multiple methods is therefore encouraged, especially because most are free.

    1. Newsletter — Submissions must be received on the Wednesday before the newsletter is published. Since the newsletter is a bi-weekly publication, a submissions should be received a month before the event to ensure parents get sufficient notice. The submission may be made to capitolhillnews@gmail.com.
    2. Email — The PTO can send emails to the active volunteer list or to the teachers for distribution to the classrooms. Emails should be designed to copy and paste or forward directly to those lists.
    3. Web Site — The home page allows for events or news to be promoted and linked to a page describing it in more detail.
    4. Flyers — Flyers are an effective way to reach parents that do not have internet access but also carry a cost and are somewhat time consuming. All flyers need to be approved by the CH administration before distribution.
    5. Phone Announcements — The front office can record and schedule an automated phone announcement. These should be reserved for all-school events. Messages need to be less than 30 seconds long. Requests should be made a week in advance to MaiKia Lee in the main office.
    6. Facebook — There is a Capitol Hill Magnet School — Friends and Families page on Facebook. A small but growing group of parents follow this page. A parent can write to the page wall but it is better to register it as an event. See Facebook posting directions for more details.

    Posting to Facebook

    Facebook can be an additional method of communicating and organizing parents. It can be used to share information, discuss topics or to publicize and event. Sharing information can be done by writing on the wall. A discussion tab on the page exists for discussions. If you are not one of the page's administrators, you can regiser an event by the following procedure:

    1. Send an email to the Communications Committee Chair including the following information:
      1. Event title - This can not be changed, so be careful not to include any specifics that might change, like a date or location.
      2. Start date and time
      3. End date and time
      4. Location
      5. Privacy settings - is it open? can invitee extend additional invites?
      6. Picture (digital format)
      7. Category (Party, Meeting, Education, Other)
      8. Description of the event
    2. After the event is posted, review the resulting event.
    3. Monitor the event for RSVP as desired.