School Policies

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    Riverview's Attendance Policy

    RIVERVIEW’S ATTENDANCE POLICY School begins at 9:30 a.m. Students should arrive on the school grounds no earlier than 9:15 a.m. (The beginning of breakfast.) All students must be in school by 9:30 am. For safety reasons, all children arriving tardy MUST be brought to the office by a parent or guardian. If your child is absent from school: ⇒ Call the school no later than 9:30 a.m. at 651-293-8665. If you call before 9:00 am, and leave a brief detailed message. Or… ⇒ Send a written note the next day stating the reason for the absence. Students being picked up early MUST be signed out by their parents/ guardians in the office. Unless the office receives a WRITTEN PERMISSION, a student will not be permitted to leave the building with anyone other than their parent/guardian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Riverview School Uniforms

    SCHOOL UNIFORMS GUIDELINES To improve student achievement • To foster greater school pride • To improve self-esteem UNIFORM POLICY All students at Riverview Elementary School are required to wear an appropriate school uniform every day. Students will not be permitted in class unless they are wearing a school uniform. If a student comes to school without a proper uniform on, he/she will be required to change into a borrowed uniform. Please be advised that students cannot wear open-toe sandals/flip-flops at any time during the school day. Uniform Options • Collared Uniform Shirt/Blouse • Uniform Pants, Shorts, Skirt or Jumper • Uniform Sweater/Sweatshirt • No clothing can have a Brand Name, Logo or Insignia Acceptable Color for Shirts/Blouses • Light Blue • Royal Blue • White • Navy Blue Acceptable Color for Pants/Skirt/Jumper • Navy Blue • Khaki


    Each transported student has the right to a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school which is free from intimidation, bullying, threat or harassment. Good conduct of all transported students while waiting for the school bus and while traveling to and from school is primary to a safe and enjoyable ride for all students. | Read More |