How will you be informed of your child's behavior?

  • To keep you informed on BEHAVIOR:

        I will send you a report each week detailing how many times your students needed to take a break, reflect in the buddy room and be removed.  Sample:

    Weekly Behavior Report for __________________



    Take a Break

    Buddy Room



    Number of Times






    Take a Break: Student takes a time out in classroom.

    Buddy Room: Student takes a time out in another classroom.

    Removal: Student is removed from classroom by principal or counselor.


    Additional Comments:


    I ask that you review this report with your student each Friday. Praise

    them for the positive and make a plan for improvement if necessary. If

    you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to call or email me. If you

    do not receive a behavior report on Friday, please call me and we can

    discuss your student’s behavior over the phone.