Welcome to Fourth Grade

  • These are the great subject areas we are studying! Please talk to your kids about their classes every day!

    Math/Math Review and Into Math- Over the course of the year, 4th graders will be exploring our new "Into Math" curriculum. We are beginning with addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers. Next we will be exploring multiplication and division. You can support your students at home by encouraging them to practice their math facts and problem-solving skills. You can help your child by reviewing place value and encouraging them to practice estimation strategies at home. 

    Reading- The students have been working with shared readings that introduce a host of reading skills. We then break off into guided reading groups that address the needs of readers at an instructional level. Children are independently reading as well and responding to literature. Students need to read for enjoyment every day. They should read for 30 minutes..newspapers, magazines, fiction, fantasy. We want children to choose reading as a leisure activity every day for the rest of their lives. We read for information, for directions...and for fun! We usually couple reading instruction with our writing units as well. For example, when we are writing our personal narratives, we are also studying memoirs. 

    FIRE is a spelling program that focuses on the developmental stage of each fourth-grade speller and on patterns, rules, and uses of words in multiple sorts and contexts. For example, which letter combinations in English make certain sounds. We also study prefixes and suffixes to better understand the meaning of larger words. 

    Social Studies-We are excited to learn about the regions of the United States using technology.  We do a deeper study of Mexico and Canada and welcome any cultural expertise you can offer to the class. We center BIPOC voices and narratives in our instruction and encourage kids to think critically.  

    Health- During this year, students have the exciting opportunity to learn about human anatomy and puberty. A group of professionals from the Family Tree Clinic will be coming in November to present this information in a safe and age- appropriate way to our 4th graders. More information will be sent home in a handout. We also discuss ways we can take care of our bodies, physically and mentally, throughout the year. 

    Writer's Workshop- The students have been living the life of a writer by adding entries in the notebook as we publish many works and genres of writing. They have been immersed in the genre of personal narrative as they have moved to write their own pieces. Next we will explore realistic fiction writing, and then move into research, poetry, and essay writing. You can support your child by encouraging them to use descriptive language at home. 

    Social Emotional Learning- We center the importance of relationship building and maintenance in our classrooms. We encourage independence, responsibility, and integrity. As 4th graders, our students are becoming the leaders and role models of the school. We encourage them to solve conflicts increasingly on their own and practice strong leadership skills. One of the ways we practice this at school is by giving them opportunities to reflect on their emotions, actions, and the emotions and actions of others. 

    Homework- The students will be asked to read for 20 minutes each night and occasionally may have math work, writing, spelling tests, or Social Studies to continue at home.  Please work with your child to memorize multiplication facts as well as keep addition and subtraction skills going strong. Encouraging reading for fun is the best way to ensure they get those gateway reading skills to access other materials. 


    Let's have a great year!

    - Ms. Schlomka and Ms. Chadwick