Welcome to Fourth Grade

  • These are the great subject areas we are studying! Please talk to your kids about their classes every day!

    Math/Math Review and ST Math- The students will study all units in math that connect to the MN State Standards.  We also work to review math basic facts in the use of real-world and everyday use.  Kids need to master the basic skills needed to move in to higher order problems that involve real-world.   Make sure to speak to your kids using math language every day. The grocery store is a great place to start. ST Math is a technology platform that teaches 4th grade math students to be fexible thinkers and to apply thinking strategies to solving a variety of puzzles.  This work supports multiple attempts when solving math problems, and persitence and perserverance as we try, try again, analyze and come to an answer.

    Reading- The students have been working with shared readings that introduce a host of reading skills. We then break off in to guided reading groups that address the needs of reader's at an instructional level. Children are independent reading as well and responding to literature. Students in this fourth grade need to read for enjoyment every day. They should read for 30 minutes..newspapers, magazines, fiction, fantasy. We want children to choose reading as a leisure activity ever day for the rest of their lives. We read for information, for directions...and for fun!

    *Words Their Way-is a spelling program that focuses on the developmental stage of each fourth grade speller and focuses on patterns, rules and uses of the words in multiple sorts and contexts.  We will focus on this area of word study .

    Social Studies-We are excited to  to learn about the Regions of the U.S. using technology.  We do a deeper study of Mexico and Canada and welcome ANY cultural expertise you can offer to the class.

    Writer's Workshop- The students have been living the life of a writer adding entries in the notebook as we publish many works of writing. They have been immersed in the genre of PERSONAL NARRATIVE as they have moved to write their own pieces. 

    Social Studies: We will be studying North American geography including Canada and Mexico as study and create a variety of maps. 

    HOMEWORK:  The students will be asked to read for 30 minutes each night and may have math work, writing, Words Their Way, or Social Studies to study or work on using their iPad.  Please work with your child to memorize multiplication facts as well as keep addition and subtraction skills going strong.