Supply List

  • Kindergarten Supply List- Four Seasons A+ Elementary School


    Backpack with student’s name and address

    1   box of Kleenex

    5   plain colored folders (no pictures, no plastic)

    1   Box of small zip lock bags

    2   containers of Sanitizing wipes (Lysol Clorox)

    1   Pack of Washable markers any type

    1   Box of crackers etc. (for snack)

    1   bottle White Elmer's glue

    1   4 pack of Play Dough

    2   Large glue sticks

    3   boxes of 24 count CRAYOLA pack of crayons

    1   box of #2 pencils

    1  wide-ruled notebook

    1  Box of dry erase markers


    Please do not put your child’s name on anything but the backpack.   All our supplies are shared amoungst the kindergarten community.