College Possible 11 & 12

College Possible 11&12
  • College Possible is a college access enabling low income students to attend four year colleges and universities. We prepare juniors for the ACT test, and later help the same students as seniors with college applications, scholarships and financial aid. Please visit our website to learn more

     This year's coaches are Jennifer Swenson (returning for a second term of service) and Kaili Grandville who will be coaching the seniors, and Samhitha Krishnan and Risa Luther, who will be coaching the juniors. Mike Koscielny, our supervisor, will also be in the building periodically. We are lucky to be serving at Como Park High School again and we are looking forward to a successful year as we help our students pursue their goal of going to college.

    Thank you all for welcoming us so warmly into your school and for offering your continued support as we begin working with students. Here are our office hours and after school meeting times if you would like to get in contact with us:

    College Possible Office: College and Career Resource Center M-Th from 10:00am-2:00

    After-school classrooms:

    Seniors Rooms- Monday 1415 (2:15-6:30) and 1416 (2:15-4:30);

    •    Tuesday/Thursday 1411 (2:15-4:30)
    •    Wednesday 1411 (2:15-6:30) and 1416 (2:15-4:30)

    Juniors Room- Monday/Wednesday 1408 (2:15-6:30) and 1424 (2:15-4:30)

    •    Tuesday/Thursday 1415 (2:15-4:30)

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas:

    Senior Coaches:

    Jennifer Swenson:                                    

    Kaili B. Grandville:                                    

    Junior Coaches:

    Samhitha Krishnan:                          

    Risa Luther:               

College Possible Grade 11&12