• I believe that homework is a very important part of my class. It is by doing homework that children practice and internalize the academic skills that they learn in the classroom.

    To encourage family participation in weekly homework completion, I send homework in English. In that way, even parents who don't speak French can help their children practice, improve, or further develop new skills, such as identifying the letters of the alphabet (French and English share the same alphabet...), decoding basic words, counting, etc.

    Because it is kindergarten, I send homework once a week on Monday and expect to see it back on Friday. However, if you need extended time to complete the homework package that usually consists of one to two pages of literacy practice sheets and a sheet of math homework, please let me know. The goal of homework is for your child to practice, not to get stressed out over deadlines.

    Homework is also all about routines and developing good habits for your child's education. I encourage you to establish a homework routine that works for you: doing homework in the same place and at the same time of day will reinforce good habits that will be internalized. Some children like to do a little bit of homework every day whereas other children prefer completing the whole packet in one sitting. All of that is okay. Again, I want your child to feel comfortable and happy when doing homework, not frustrated. By having a stress-free routine and giving your child the choice of when and where to do homework, your child will have fun practicing the new skills, sometimes even asking for more homework!

    Please remember that, in addition to written homework, reading for at least 15 minutes every night counts as homework too. Stickers may be earned after a list of titles of books read is turned in. Yes, reading books to your child counts as it contributes to the development of stronger literacy skills. So, happy reading!


     This year, with our return to in-person learning, we will have homework every day to practice new skills and learning.

    Please note that homework is not mandatory, but strongly recommnended.