Brain Energizers and Breaks

  • Energizers and Brain Breaks

    Some energizers are short classroom-based activities that integrate physical activities with academic concepts. 

    • The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction offers a wide selection of classroom energizers, broken out between Energizers for elementary grades and energizers for specific subjects, like math and language arts. Be sure to scroll down to mid-page to find the links.
    • Active Academics is a free site that gives movement tips for various academic topics and recess. Designed for pre-K and elementary grades. To access full list, you must register with the website.
    • GoNoodle offers 5-minute brain breaks that can be used to calm, focus, or energize students.  Sign up is free.
    • The Teach.Train.Love website offers a series of videos to get students moving, includes the instructional video for the 'Cha Cha Slide' and Dancing Pandas.
    • Change to Chill is a program that offers stress-reduction tips and exercises geared to teens.  

    Physical Activity

    Just get up and move!

    • Wellbeats is a fitness on-demand app that is available to SPPS staff who carry the district health insurance plan. There are over 450 classes to choose from and there are routines for children and youth, as well as adults. There's a YouTube intro and navigation video and this flier explains how to access the mobile app.
    • Sworkit and Sworkit Kids are two mobile apps that provide 5-60 minute stretching, yoga, strength, or fitness routines that require no equipment. Sworkit Kids is appropriate for ages 7-14 and is demonstrated by kids.

    • The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has created a series of physical activity videos that include such activities as yoga, Zumba and Tae Bo. Videos are broken out for elementary and secondary students. These are free but you must register with the Alliance to access the videos.
    • Playworks' Game Guide is a downloadable and offers hundreds of games and energizers. Playworks also offers an online game library.
    • The CDC made this handy pdf about physical activity.

    • Explore We Can!’s website for information on why physical activity is important and how to get yourself started!