• For many students, it’s the part of the school day they look most forward to.  Research has shown that recess serves a crucial role in the school day, providing an opportunity for physical activity that further stimulates better learning and the ability to focus.  


    What is Active Recess?

    Active Recess is a structured program, where adult facilitators (school staff, parent/guardian volunteers) lead students in organized play with pre-set rules.  The program is designed to feature games or activities that allow all students to engage in active play.  Organizations such as Playworks can offer training and support in Active Recess. Playworks also offers an online game library where you can find hundreds of game suggestions, designed for preK-6th grade students. Their 2016-'17 Playbook is also a great resource and offers hundreds of games and energizers.


    Playworks also has a web site called the Recess Lab that offers tips, techniques, rationale, and assessment for improving your school's recess experience.