Wellness Champions in Your School

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    Join the Movement . . . Become a Wellness Champion

    What is a Wellness Champion?  A Wellness Champion is an active member of the school community, with a commitment to creating a healthier school environment for both students and staff.

    What does a Wellness Champion do?  Saint Paul Public Schools is committed to improving the health, well-being, and quality of life for both students and staff.  Champions are charged with promoting and implementing the district’s Wellness Policy (533.00), as well as the employee well-being program at the building level.

    Wellness Champions will:

    1. Serve as a well-being program liaison between their building and the district Wellness program manager
    2. Encourage and motivate peers to participate in well-being programs
    3. Communicate to employees about well-being opportunities for both students and staff across the district and community
    4. Ask for feedback from peers on current well-being programming and report back to the well-being committee or well-being coordinator with suggestions, concerns, questions, or successes
    5. Actively participate in annual trainings to learn updates regarding the district Wellness Policy or procedures
    6. Agree to a minimum of a one year commitment as a Wellness Champion
    7. Complete a yearly Action Plan, which serves as an outline for the wellness initiatives you plan to implement at your site
    8. Serve as an active member for the building site’s Wellness Committee
    9. Help to identify health concerns and implement programs and spearhead initiatives that will benefit the health and wellness of all students and staff

    Wellness Champions participate in an annual training session in the fall.  At these trainings, Wellness Champions come together as a group, with the opportunity to be recognized for their work, exchange ideas, and to receive information on any new wellness initiatives and potential funding opportunities.  They are also introduced to community partners and given time to start formulating their site’s yearly Wellness Action Plan.  


    How do I become a Wellness Champion?  If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Champion, please contact your building administrator.