•  About the Pre Kindergarten Program

    The areas of study explored in Pre-K are based from core-content standards. It addresses the social/emotional, intellectual and physical dimensions of the whole child, as well as, develops critical thinking skills through in-depth active learning and intentional teaching.

    Welcome to Pre Kindergarten! This is a year for your child to explore and learn through play. I believe strongly in building positive relationships with my students and their families. I want to be a partner in the education of your child. I will communicate and keep you updated on the growth of your child.

    Remember we have a very special goal… The success of your child.

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    Areas of Learning

    What we do in Pre-K

    Meeting time is a group gathering during which we greet each other, share our ideas and observations. Activities are designed to stimulate children’s thinking, build their social skills, and expand their attention spans.

    Science and Sensory Activities help children through the discovery of different materials and the reactions that the materials may create.

    Art Activities help children creatively express their thoughts and feelings. Art helps reinforce fine motor skills and concept development in areas such as colors, shapes, and size relationship.

    Dramatic-play Activities help children express themselves, practice life skills, improve social skills, increase self-esteem, and build vocabulary.

    Read Aloud Story Time is designed to help children develop an appreciation and enjoyment of literature. It helps build upon vocabulary and story structure.

    Shared and Interactive Writing/Reading builds a positive message that we are all readers and writers in this class.

    Music and Movement experiences help develop both sides of the brain and contribute to children’s social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. It promotes listening skills and creative expression.

    Fine Motor Activities help improve small muscle development and eye-hand coordination.

    Large Motor Activities help children build strength and awareness of their body space.

    Writing Activities help children on fine motor skills and builds creativity through print.

    Math Activities help children with problem solving and reasoning skills.



    Areas of Study

    ·      Routines and Rituals

    ·      Exploring Change in My World

    ·      Being Healthy in Our World

    ·      Adapting to Our World

    ·      Helping in Our World

    ·      Creating and Constructing in Our World

    ·      Cycles in Our World

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