Classroom Management

  • Behavior Management

    1st offense – Students get a nonverbal and/or verbal warning from the teacher, i.e. “_______I need your eyes up here and your voice off please.”

    2nd offense – Students go to the "take a break" chair by the carpet. While here, the students will set a timer and reflect on why they had to take a break. The student is welcomed back to the group when the timer has finished. **If the student is being sent to this chair for a Calm Down Break (more serious offenses), then they would go through the following steps: Breathe (Take 5 deep breaths), Reflect (Think about the situation), Emotions (How do you feel?), Access (Access your strategies), and Know (Know your options).

    3rd offense – If the student is still not able to be calm and follow along with the class, they will be sent to the “Buddy Room” – The kindergartener will be sent next door to take a break in Ms. Freeman's room. The student will reflect while in this room and be sent back by Ms. Freeman when she sees they are calm and ready to return. I will reflect with the student when they are welcomed back into our classroom.

    4th offense (serious offenses)-The student will be referred to the behavior team.