• Reader's Workshop:

    September is a busy time in first grade. We will be working on reading independently and reading centers. Retelling what we read in order is an important skill for your child. Please work on this with your child at home. Using words such as; First, Next, Then, Last or Beginning, Middle, End helps with retelling fiction texts. If the story is non-fiction, have him/her tell you 3-4 facts they've learned from the text. Other things to work on are making and checking predictions, making connections to the text, and fluency (reading like you are talking).

    November: Students are reading every day and working on building their reading stamina. We are working with students in small guided reading groups developing reading skills they need at their level. Your child should be bringing home a book every night to read with an adult and returning the next day for a new book. Also practice the sight words we have worked on: practice reading, spelling and writing them in sentences.

     Sight words:

     I           a          and         the    to         we       am       see         can    at         me       go        is

    look        has    did       come   here     like      it          on        he            my   in         play

    said     of         what    saw     they     down   with        that   as        big       not       was        little

    this      do        your