• What does Reader's Workshop look like for your child?

     ~Mini Lesson  

    ~Independent Reading

    ~Daily 5 Reading Rotations: (Students will have 2 different reading rotations during reader's workshop from the following:

         *Read to self (independent reading)

         *Write to self (working on the current writing unit OR free writing from a variety of prompts)

         *Word Work (magnet letters, stamp it, rainbow writing)

         *Buddy/Partner Reading

         *Work with The Teacher (guided reading group)

    ~Lesson Closure/Sharing 


    Throughout the school year, we will be following the Reader's Workshop curriculum. One goal is to help all of our students become avid readers. We will help students create their identities as people who care about reading, create a social life that revolves around shared books. We will help students develop a sense of personal agency about their reading lives, taking responsibility for becoming the kinds of readers who not only make sense of books but also let books change their lives. We will continue to support children in strengthening their reading behaviors-- helping them to self-select books that are just right in level and interest, collect and study data about their reading rates and volumes and push themselves to read with increasing stamina, fluency and volume.