Social Studies

  • We will start off the school year by building community in the classroom. We will achieve this by talking about our hopes and dreams, playing community games and learning about our C.A.R.E.S model (cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self control). We will use the Bully Prevention units from the Second Step curriculum to help our students recognize, respond and report bullying. We also have a new social/emotional curriculum called the Zones of Regulation where students will learn how to use different "tools" to help them regulate their emotions.  Throughout the school year, we will be reading books from the AMAZE curriculum and discuss each books importance and how it connects to their lives.  

    Fall Learning Benchmarks:
    -Understanding civics
    -Making a difference
    -3 branches of government

    Unit 1 - What Makes Our Society Democratic?

    • I can identify informed and engaged citizens who have displayed civic values and skills in addressing specific problems or needs.
    • I can explain that civic discourse is an important principle of US democracy.
    • I can describe how government provides services that are essential to all community members.
    • I can explain the specific role of the legislative, the executive and the judicial branches.
    Spring Learning Benchmarks:
    -Understanding the connection between choices, income, production, and consumption
    -Understanding how maps and landforms affect population

    Unit 2 - Economics

    • I can describe how short term and long-term savings influence choices.
    • I can describe income as payments earned by households for selling or renting their productive resources.
    • I can describe how scarcity of resources influence the production of a good or service.
    • I can explain how consumers and producers are connected through resources and the goods and services resulting from them.

    End of the year Learning Benchmarks:

    -Understanding ancient civilizations and St. Paul as a river city

    Unit 4 - What was Life Like in Ancient Times?

    • I can identify St Paul as a river city.
    • I can compare and contrast daily life in three regions of the world in ancient times.