Beginning Art

  • As an MYP level 1 course, it is designed to help students become acquainted with art and artists. The main focus is on the Elements and Principles of Art.  In other words, learning about the main components of which make up a design and how these are combined to express a message.  We will work in both 2D and 3D in a variety of media, which will include various drawing tools, paint, and clay.  Students must keep a Process Journal in which they will write  and draw daily.  It will document their artistic development, their growing vocabulary, and include reflections on their work.  Some unit highlights are:

    "The Building Blocks of Art" - shortdrawing practices based on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

    Action Shot             "Keeping It Real" - students learn to draw from observation, beginning with a drawing of their own hand in a realistic way.  For the final, students draw their classmates from observation in an action pose, completing a work that represents a figure performing their favorite sport or action.


     "Interior X-Ray" - Using the perspective technique, students create depth by designing a room of their choice in a three-dimensional way.

    Interior X-Ray

    "Transforming Real into Reality" - students will practice creating depth in a realistic tree landscape, then transform their work into a dream-likeenvironment in the Surrealist style.  They will also create a clay food sculpture inspired by the Pop Art Movement and Claes Oldenburg's "Spoonbridge and Cherry."

     Pop Art Sculptures