Advanced Art


    HPMS Arts Showcase Advanced Art

    This MYP level 3 course is designed to build upon skills and learning from prior introductory courses.  Students must be in 8th grade and have successfully completed Beginning and Intermediate Art before enrolling in this class.  As in other art classes, students will continue to make daily entries in their Process Journal (PJ), which documents their development and understanding of art.  In Advanced Art, students will take a larger role in decision-making regarding their work and the curriculum that is taught.  The syllabus is flexible to allow for extra opportunities and leadership roles that may come up.  

     Students will be expected to generate their own ideas, and have a more critical eye toward their art and the work of others.  Students will create in both 2 and 3 dimensions with a wider variety of media and artistic expression.  Written artist statements will accompany a personal project that will be displayed 'exhibit-style' at the end of the school year during Arts Night.   


    Some unit highlights are:

    "Architectural Site Plan" - as architects, students are commisssioned to design a business that fits in with the neighborhood, using two-point perspective.Site Plan SITE Plan Site Plan Site Plan

    Site Plan Site Plan Site Plan Site Plan Site Plan Site Plan Site Plan

    Functional Art - Students will use more advanced clay techniques in order to create a work of art that is also functional and can be used in our everyday lives.


    Collage - Students will create collages two ways: a Surreal collage, as well as one that represents them personally.

    Collage Collage Collage Collage


    Capturing the Environment: An Artist's Role in Preserving Protected Landscapes for Historical Purposes - Students will create a landscape representing a protected natural environment somewhere in the world.

    Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape Landscape


    Personal Project - 8th grade students will finish their time here at HPMS by hosting an art show exhibiting pieces that demonstrate what they have learned and become passionate about.  They are asked to synthesize multiple elements and principles, but can choose the style and medium they connected with throughout their time in middle school.

    Personal Project Personal Project Personal Project Personal Project Personal Project