• Coming up…. Important dates!  

     Last day of School: Friday, June 8

    Field day at Lower Campus: Tuesday, June 5

    10:15-11:30 Grade 2-

    3 11:30-12:15 All school picnic lunch 12:15-1:30

    Grade 4-5 1:30-2:30 Kindergarten

    2:30-3:30 Grade 1-PreK


    Reminders: Please remind your child not to take papers that are placed in the communication folder out of there. It is our way of communicating. Important papers can get lost on the bus or even on the way to the bus and I do not always have a replacement for them. In addition please make sure that the communication folder returns safely to school every day. I have had already several students who did not hand in their folders in the morning. Merci.


    Wellness tips for parents: The District is big on wellness and healthy food and lifestyle, as well as involve parents in their child’s school experience, so here are some tips for this month-

    1. Send a favorite book to school with your child and have the teacher or a special person read it aloud to the class
    2. Have your child wear something special
    3. Ask the teacher for extra recess time on your child’s birthday
    4. Eat lunch with your child
    5. Organize a special classroom craft
    6. Organize a classroom dance party
    7. Ask the teacher if your child can have a special role on their birthday (e.g., Line Leader, Teacher’s Assistant)
    8. Create a special birthday box that children can use to exchange birthday wishes
    9. Have child bring in a picture collage or video about themselves to share with class
    10. Ask the teacher to schedule time to play with a fun item that doesn’t get used every day or is saved for special occasions (e.g., parachute)