Frequently Asked Questions - iUpdate

  • Update family information and complete annual forms. Additionally, register for Summer and EDL (Extended Day Learning) programs online.

    Where do I go for help with iUpdate?

    1. Usernames and Passwords: For assistance with parent/guardian "One Stop" (use with Campus Portal and Schoology) usernames and passwords contact your child’s school or call the Student Information System Department's (Campus) support staff at 651-744-5145.
    2. iUpdate, back-to-school online tool: Call the Student Information System Department's (Campus) support staff at 651-744-5145.


    What is iUpdate?

    iUpdate is a new online tool in Campus Portal that allows parents and guardians to update student and family information and to “register” for after-school and summer programming. Instead of filling out lots of paper forms each year, parents and guardians may submit back-to-school information through Campus Portal. This information includes:

    • Changes to their student and household information such as phone, email, home address, emergency contact, household membership, and guardianship.
    • Permission forms and releases.
    • Signing students up for Extended Day for Learning (EDL) and/or S-Term.

    Please note that the paper versions are still available and can be requested from schools.


    How do I access iUpdate?

    iUpdate is accessible through Campus Portal. Visit and click on the Campus Portal Login icon. Then navigate to your Inbox in Campus Portal and read your message marked iUpdate, Fall Back to School Task for Parent/Guardian 2016/17.


    When do I need to use iUpdate?

    • In the fall: Access iUpdate for the collection of back-to-school information and Extended Day for Learning (EDL) registration.
    • In the spring: Access iUpdate to request address/contact information changes and sign up for S-Term programming.


    Why should I use iUpdate?

    iUpdate makes completing back-to-school “paperwork” easier.

    • Student and family information that remains unchanged for the coming year simply needs to be verified.
    • Much of the previous information that was requested for each student on paper no longer needs to be collected for each student. For example, an address change for one student in a household will apply to all students in the household.
    • iUpdate only needs to be completed one time and by one guardian for all students in a family.
    • Guardians of a student who are not members of the same household only see the census information for members of their household.
    • iUpdate saves a lot of time for school staff in that they are not distributing and collecting paper forms or performing manual data entry.


    Should I complete paper versions iUpdate that my children may bring home?

    If you have not completed iUpdate online and you don't intend to do so, then you should complete the paper version and return it to your child's school. iUpdate will be available until October 1, 2016, and will re-open in late winter for S-Term registration.

    • If you intend to sign your student(s) up for Extended Day for Learning (EDL), you should sign up as soon as possible.
    • Even if you completed the online forms through iUpdate, you may still receive school-specific paper forms. School-specific forms should be completed and returned to your child’s school.


    What is the Technology Use Agreement and why does it mention iPads?

    • In order to take home an iPad, the Student Technology Use Agreement in iUpdate must be completed beofre the school's iPad distribution date.


    How do I recover lost usernames and passwords?

    If usernames and/or passwords have been misplaced, contact a school clerk at one of the schools for assistance. Be prepared to verify your identity.