Riverview School Uniforms


    • To improve student achievement
    • To foster greater school pride
    • To improve self-esteem


    All students at Riverview Elementary School are required to wear an appropriate school uniform every day. Students will not be permitted in class unless they are wearing a school uniform.  If a student comes to school without a proper uniform on, he/she will be required to change into a borrowed uniform. Please be advised that students cannot wear open-toe sandals/flip-flops at any time during the school day.

    Uniform Options

    • Collared Uniform Shirt/Blouse
    • Uniform Pants, Shorts, Skirt or Jumper
    • Uniform Sweater/Sweatshirt
    • No clothing can have a Brand Name, Logo or Insignia

    Acceptable Color for Shirts/Blouses

    • Light Blue
    • Royal Blue
    • White;
    • Navy Blue

    Acceptable Color for Pants/Skirt/Jumper

    • Navy Blue
    • Khaki


    The Uniforms programs will issue a permission slip voucher to use at Donald's Uniform Store. Please make sure you are following the school guidelines. In order to support families, we are partnering again with The Assistance League of St Paul/Minneapolis. However, uniforms will not be distributed at the school. Families will receive a $100  permission slip voucher for Donald’s Uniform Store (972 Payne Ave) to shop between September 19 - October 19. Students will now have more options to choose from. For more information, please call 651-293-8665.

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    • Para mas informacion por favor llame al 293-8665.

    Light Blue  Royal Blue  White  Navy Blue