Bartol Bunch Weekly News

  • June 3 -June 7, 2019

    Hello Families!

    Our final week of 5th grade is here, and with it comes many bittersweet feelings. The students are happy to be moving on to middle school, but sad to be leaving Chelsea Heights. We have several activities planned for this week to mark this time in their lives. On Wednesday we will have our final field trip- we are going to Belwin, an outdoor environmental experience that is provided free to us through a generous grant from 3M. On Thursday morning, the 5th graders will go to the Como Park fields for our annual event that lets the students play games and socialize together. In the afternoon, we will have the annual Staff vs 5th grade Kick Ball game. Staff remains undefeated, though that may change this year! We will clean out desks on Thursday, too, so students should bring extra bags to carry home their school treasures and extra supplies. On Friday, we will create a Memory Map of our school year, view a slideshow of photos taken throughout the year, and spend the afternoon celebrating. Our final 5th grade send-off will occur at 2:45. All students line the halls to send off our 5th graders, followed by the teacher salute at the buses.

     Here is what is happening the rest of this week:

    Writer's Workshop - Students will finish their autobiographies.

    Spelling- Students are competing for certificates and medals in the Latin/Greek Root Word Olympics.

    Math- We will have our final math challenge- solving the Rubik's Cube.

    In Reader's Workshop, students will celebrate their reading goals and accomplishments.

    In Social Studies, we will be learning about the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

    In Personalized Learning, we will continue to use MobyMax for individualization in math, and to do coding with Swift Playgrounds App.

    Our Specialist this week is the Arts.

    I am available before school (7:30- 8:10), during Specialist (9:20-9:55), or after school (3:15-4:15) if you want to get in touch. Look for updated weekly newsletters through your email, or posted on my classroom website.

     As you can see, we are always busy in 5th grade!


    Ms. Lynn Bartol


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    the Arts

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