Bartol Bunch Weekly News

  • February 17-21, 2020

    Hello Families!

    We continue celebrating acts of kindness with our challenge to get "caught being kind" and earn some extra blue tickets.We also gear up for the second half of the month as we celebrate all things reading! This week we will attend the book swap, where students can get a gently used book to take home. We will also celebrate in the classroom with 3 read-ins. On Friday night join other Chelsea families for the I Love to Read Night.The night consists of a free pizza dinner at 5:30-6, fun activity stations on literacy themes, and an author visit at 7pm.This year we're excited to welcome Siman Nuurali as our guest author. She wrote the "Sadiq" series (early reader chapter books) about a Somali-American boy, his family, and school adventures. It's a great opportunity for kids to meet a real author and hopefully see themselves in her.

    Here's how the rest of our week is shaping up:

     Math- students will continue Unit 7 which revisits fractions and using them to solve problems. This week will focus on simplifying strategies and finding fractions of fractions (multiplying fractions). Students have math homework everyday. Please check their planners and sign that you have seen their completed work.

    Writing: Students will begin a cross-curricular project using geometry terms learned in 4th grade and writing strategies.

    Spelling:No spelling this week.

    Reading: On Tuesday, we will celebrate reading by playing a variety of reading games. Wednesday's theme for the read-in will be Cool Cats Who Read, and students are encouraged to wear Cheetah wear or school colors. On Thursday, the theme for the read-in will be Snuggle up and Read. Students are encouraged to bring a stuffed animal, blanket or pillow to school. On Friday, to escape the cold of Minnesota, we will read on the beach. The sun will be shining in the classroom and students are encouraged to bring a beach towel, sunglasses, shorts (to change into), and a drink (not more than 20 ounces with a recloseable top). Students should still be reading 30 minutes each night from their library, class library, or their own books.

    Social Studies: Students will be reading Pedro's Journal, which is the translated story of the ship's boy who traveled with Christopher Columbus.

    I am available before school (6:45-7:10), during Specialist (8:20-8:55), or after school (2:15-3:15) if you want to get in touch. Look for updated weekly newsletters through your email, or posted on my classroom website.

     As you can see, we are always busy in 5th grade!


    Ms. Lynn Bartol


  • Monday

    NO School- President's Day

    Book Swap



    I Love to Read Games



    I Love to Read-In: theme: Cool Cats who Read (wear Cheetah wear or colors)



    I Love to Read-In: Snuggle Up and Read (bring a stuffed friend, pillow, or blanket)



    I Love to Read-In: Read at the Beach ( bring a towel, sunglasses, shorts?, and a drink)

    I Love to Read Night at School-6:00-8:00pm