Bartol Bunch Weekly News


    May 17- May 21, 2021

    Hi Families!

    We have a big week in store for our 5th graders. First, they will be taking their first unit test for Social Studies on Wednesday. Students should study their notebooks for vocabulary words, the 13 Colonies by name and region, and be familiar with their notes charts.  Also, on Wednesday, we will begin the first of several Applied Math projects; the birdhouse. In this project, students will be using their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, area, volume, and surface area. They will begin as Architects while creating a blueprint, then Contractors as they build a supplies list, next will be Builders in the actual construction, and finally as Painters as they complete the project. We continue with the 30 days of Celebration count down.  Academically, we keep moving forward, so here is our next Week at a Glance:

    week at a glance

    As you can see, we are always busy learning in 5th grade! Have a great week, and remember to take time to settle your mind, center your spirit, and connect with something you love.


    Ms. Lynn Bartol


  • Specialists are PE, Science, Music/Art

    Social Emotional Lessons are with our Counselor, Mr. Blum


    SCIENCE with Mr. A



    SCIENCE with Mr. A



    SCIENCE with Mr. A

    Begin Birdhouse Project

    Colonies Unit Test 


    SCIENCE with Mr. A



    SCIENCE with Mr. A

    Counselor Lessons with Mr. Blum