Bartol Bunch Weekly News

  • May - June, 2020

    Hello Families!

    As we move into the final weeks of 5th grade, Distance Learning continues to provide us all with challenges and opportunities. Our 5th grade team of teachers are working diligently to create interesting, relevant lessons that provide the rigor necessary for a successful transition to middle school. Though the future is still uncertain as to what form "school" will take in the Fall, we still want to ensure our Chelsea students' success when they transition.

    Mr. Blum, our counselor, will be providing online middle school transition lessons on Fridays. You may contact him directly if your child is experiencing difficulties and is in need of extra social/emotional support during this unprecedented time.

    Our Specialists will continue to provide lessons and activities in their normal rotation. We will have a virtual field trip to Belwin on May 29th. Students who participate will have a 3-day window to complete the field trip. It should be great fun!

    We will be having live Google Meets, to connect socially, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00. The directions for joining are posted in the daily Schoology folder. On Tuesday, May 26th, we will be "meeting" with our KinderBuddies for a final time. Individual Google Meet times are on a rotating time schedule.

    Here's how the rest of our Distance Learning will be shaping up:

     Math- students will be reviewing and learning: 2D and 3D Geometry (including area,perimeter, volume, and surface area) and Algebra ( including variables, expressions, equations, If/Then thinking, function boxes, and graphing linear equations). They will also use MobyMax Math for personalized learning and filling in their individual math learning gaps.

    Writing: Students will completing a Poetry Unit,a Creative Writing piece, and writing Personal Memoirs in the form of a Covid-19 Time Capsule.

    Spelling/Vocabulary:Students will be using the Kahoot App to review root words learned in 5th grade.

    Reading: Students will be having balanced literacy with lessons in comprehension, vocabulary, independent reading from books or book Apps (like Epic), and audio recordings/literature responses to a shared read aloud: Here in the Real World by Sara Pennypacker.

    Social Studies: Students will learn about the colonization of the Americas, some of the problems encountered by the early 13 colonies, the events leading up to the American Revolution, and the establishment of a new country called the United States of America. Students will use a variety of activities including interpreting maps, researching topics, watching short videos, and studying the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

    I am available through email at Look for updated weekly newsletters through your email, or in Schoology.

     As you can see, even through Distance Learning, we are always busy in 5th grade!


    Ms. Lynn Bartol

    651-293-8790 school phone

  • Monday

    Specialist PE, Science, Music/Art


    Specialist PE, Science, Music/Art

    Google Meet at 10:00: Social connections


    Specialist PE, Science, Music/Art


    Specialist PE, Science, Music/Art

    Google Meet at 10:00: Social connections


    Specialist , Science, PE, Music/Art

    Mr. Blum Counselor lessons