Fourth Grade Daily Schedule

    Our first bell rings at 9:15. Students may not enter classroom hallways before that time. Breakfast is served from 9:15-9:30.
    The second bell rings at 9:30 am, and students should be in their classroom and ready for the day to begin at this time!
    Our schedule is subject to change due to special events, field trips, and other classroom needs, but in general we will follow this schedule:
    Daily Schedule
    9:30: Morning Work and Breakfast
    9:45: Morning Meeting
    10:00-11:30: Math
    11:30-12:15: Snack and Daily 5
    12:15-1:05 PREP
    1:05-1:50: Science/Social Studies
    1:50-2:30: Lunch/Recess
    2:30-3:45: Writer's Workshop and Daily 5
    3:55: Dismissal