• GiveMN


    IMPORTANT (9/24/18): You must update your password to use the new GiveMN platform. Click here for instructions.


    Raising Funds on GiveMN

    *Best for major school-focused projects

    Your school’s GiveMN page can be used to raise large or small amounts, in year-long campaigns or short-term projects. GiveMN is well-known as the state’s primary online funding site, due largely to its annual Give to the Max Day.


  • Fees on GiveMN

    Almost all online fundraising sites charge a fee to cover credit card fees and other costs. The fee at is 6.9% per donation. This year, donors will have the option to cover those costs by paying the fee themselves. According to, most donors opt to cover the fee.

    For example, a donor who wishes to contribute $100 to your school will be asked to give an additional $6.90 to cover GiveMN fees. If the donor does not give the additional amount, $6.90 will be deducted from the contribution, so the school will receive $93.10. Considering the cost of other fundraising methods, which provide a return of as little as 50 percent, using is an excellent value.

  • Give to the Max Day

    Give to the Max Day is November 15, 2018

    Promote your school in general, or a specific program or project, in the weeks leading up to Give to the Max Day. Use Facebook, Twitter, school newsletters and school events to encourage people to give on Give to the Max Day.

    Make sure your GiveMN page has excellent photos, a video, and a few lines of persuasive copy.

    Customize suggested gift amounts so they relate directly to your project. If your school is raising money for a theater program, you might say:

    • $25 can buy five scripts
    • $50 could purchase two costumes
    • $100 will buy three pairs of tap shoes
    • $250 pays the royalty for one performance.


  • Use GiveMN Year Round

    While Give to the Max Day receives much publicity every year, schools can use their GiveMN page all year long. Teachers can work with principals to promote special projects that require extra funds. Changing a school’s GiveMN page doesn’t take special skills or lots of time -- just a few quiet minutes of concentration.

  • Important Update for Schools

    When the SPPS Foundation closed, it could no longer host fundraising pages for SPPS schools on GiveMN. Now each school should have its own, independently managed page on GiveMN. These sites can be accessed from the "Donate" button in the upper-right corner of each school's website. Contact with any questions about these pages.