Recommended Use of GiveMN

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Give to the Max Day

  • Give to the Max Day is in mid-November every year. Created as a launch party for in 2009, Give to the Max Day has turned into a state-wide fundraising event. Nonprofits and schools are heavily highlighted during a 24-hour period, and GiveMN partners with external organizations to offer matches and prizes to help boost the excitement.

    Promote your school, a specific program or project, or a need in the weeks leading up to Give to the Max Day. Use Facebook, Twitter, school newsletters and school events to encourage people to give on Give to the Max Day.

    Make sure your GiveMN page is ready to receive traffic as early as mid-to late October.  See our online fundraising tips to provide the best photos, video, persuasive copy, and other features that fit your campaign.

Use GiveMN Year Round

  • While Give to the Max Day can result in extra donations in the short term due to the heightened visibility, schools can use their GiveMN page all year long. Teachers and grant managers can work with principals to promote special projects that require extra funds. Changing a school’s GiveMN page doesn’t take special skills or a lot of time -- just a few quiet minutes of concentration.

    If collecting year round, be sure to keep your page content fresh and active.  A progress bar showing your goal has been met, obviously dated photos or videos, and community comments that are old will give the impression that you aren’t actively seeking funds.

Fees on GiveMN

  • Almost all online fundraising sites charge a fee to cover credit card fees and other costs. The fee at is 6.9% of each donation (4.9% to cover credit card processing and the technology side of the platform, and 2.0% to support GiveMN programs). Donors have the option to pay the fee themselves, and according to GiveMN, 80% of donors choose to do so.

    For example, a donor who wishes to contribute $100 to your school will be asked to give an additional $6.90 to cover GiveMN fees. If the donor does not give the additional amount, $6.90 will be deducted from the contribution, so the school will receive $93.10. Considering the cost of other fundraising methods, which may provide a return of as little as 50 percent, using GiveMN can be an excellent value.


Last Modified on December 18, 2019