Other Online Fundraising Sites

  • Why Use Online Fundraising?

    Your project and story are visible to potential donors worldwide. You have the opportunity to share your project with a wide audience looking to fund classrooms like yours.

  • Adopt a Classroom

    *Best for individual teachers or teacher teams seeking supplies

    Teachers register on the Adopt a Classroom website and explain what they need.

    Donors find and fund a classroom by searching for a teacher they know, a school they have a connection with, or a subject they’re passionate about. One hundred percent of the donor’s tax-deductible donation goes to the classroom. Once the funding is received, teachers “purchase” their supplies online at Adopt a Classroom.

    Fees: None. One hundred percent of each individual donation goes to the teacher’s project. Corporate partners help defray the costs of running the platform.

  • Donors Choose

    *Best for individual teachers or teacher teams seeking supplies or funds for class trips and class visitors

    Public school teachers post classroom project requests (for materials, class trips or class visitors) on this site, and donors can give any amount to the project. When a project reaches its funding goal, DonorsChoose ships the materials to the school. Teachers must provide photos of the project taking place and a letter with insight into how funds were spent. Gifts over $50 require hand-written thank-yous from the students.

    Fees:  None. Individual donors are asked to add 15% above their donation to help overhead, teacher outreach, maintenance and build-out of the DonorsChoose.org website, BUT they may opt out. About a quarter reduce or eliminate the allocation.

  • YouCaring

    *Best for individual teachers or teacher teams seeking supplies, although school-wide projects are also good choices

    Fees: None.

    Similar to DonorsChoose and Adopt a Classroom

  • Not Recommended

    Go Fund Me -- This is a personal fundraising site. At least one SPPS teacher has raised funds on this site to purchase materials he can take with him to his next teaching position.

    Kickstarter -- This site is generally used for more commercial projects. The recommended sites are better-suited to reach your target audience.