May 2016

  • Highland Park Senior High

    PTSA Meeting

    May 10, 2016


    Welcome – Jody Thornson

    Principal’s Report– Dr. Tucker/Ms. Shipp

    • PBIS follow up report. Ms Shipp gave us a follow-up on the $500 donation PTSA made to PBIS. PBIS is a MN state statue and is used to measure the disparity in suspension rates. The renewal of PBIS has been enthusiastically received. The HPSH was revamped a bit with now having an online form for staff to use. The official kick off date was April 11 with students / staff submitting poster ideas. Ms. Shipp donated a gift card for the winner of the poster. April 11/Fourth quarter was selected as there have been spikes in poor choices / behavior at the end of school. Dr. Tucker let us know that the students are more excited that you would think and he has also given out some nominations for students showing integrity (turning in a purse/wallet/ipad). Overall there have been 37 students nominated with most being for academic achievement. The PBIS principals are also part of Link Crew events
    • Graduation Rates – 251 seniors for the Class of 2016 with 215 on track 10 with IEP work to complete, 20 in credit recovery and 6 who will not graduate.
    • Enrollment numbers for Fall – 1262 projected with currently1352 on the books. We know there will be a drop rate. Projections include: 9th 356 students, 10th 328 students 11th 297 students balance are 12th The increase continues to be seen in 9th and 10th grades. The District did move up students with a sibling in the school from the wait list
    • Update on school budget. As there was a budget meeting in April, Dr. Tucker asks that questions be sent to Ms. Sabo/him. Dr. Tucker feels this is a pretty good budget year for HPSH and since the budget meeting the schools has received another Spanish Immersion teacher and .5 FTE for truancy intervention. The truancy position is shared with HPSH and HMS. There is a concern that there will not be the final cut in October when schools used to receive extra funding; we did not receive extra funding last October. We could always use extra teachers and the extracurricular is up from last few years.
    • The District still has a $15m shortfall and it will not affect HPSH this year. The cuts are in elementary/middle schools. HPSH lost a study hall teacher and a college and career position. We did receive an extra counselor this year. This means counselors need to take on proctoring tests and college and career. We will have AVID teachers, yet not the tutors
    • Budget is based on average cost for salaries

    Parent Liaison Report – Kim Sabo

    • Hiway Federal Credit Union has opened by the link and employs three student workers over the lunch hour. This has been well received; students can open an account with parent permission. Dr. Tucker is ensuring that students cannot look at personal information online. Hiway is not making money from this; it is good community and teaching students financial literacy. There are 8 banks/credit unions in the district with Hiway at HPSH and Johnson.
    • Honor assembly coming up and there is a need of two parent volunteers at 7:45 am on May 24th. If your child does make honor roll, please encourage them to come to the event.
    • Food shelf update. This is going very well and we currently have five students using on a regular basis and more who are using when needed. The biggest needs are:

    Peanut butter


    Breakfast bars



    • In keeping with PTSA practice, Dr. Tucker and Ms. Sabo were excused from the meeting at this point. Balance of the PTSA business did not require them.

    Treasurer’s Report

    • Paid last requests from last year and two from this year. The account received more funds from Give to the Max and also received some matching funds. A summary of what we received and spent was presented. The Robotics team is now under PTSA yet their funds are being kept separately.
    • Uncommitted remains about $1500 to start next year and we have some fundraising concerns as we have had some generous donors at GTTM and their students are graduating out. Vineeta has approached Dr. Tucker about when we can talk about fundraising – let us start the appeal right away – want to get this going in the summer
    • The group thanked Laurie for her Treasurer work the last 2 years and 4 years of PTSA work

    Student Report

    • Summer math tutor for students – teacher from Washburn has openings
    • Prom was last Friday and there was a great turnout. There has only been good feedback. Central and HPSH have about the same size proms and a thank you to Vineeta for taking photos and posting them.
    • Group in Saint Paul from various schools are going to rally at 360 Colburne on May 17th regarding the $15m budget costs. While the cuts do not hit HPSH this year, next year is a blink away. Focus for this rally is to have the SPPS administration look at central functions to cut. This will become a bigger issue for next year and the legislature.


    • Sincere thank you and goodbye to one of our first two student representatives: James Farnsworth.
    • No June meeting
    • Vote on Officer slate for 2016/17 school year – all passed with a unanimous voice vote


    Co-Chairs - Eileen O'Connell-Conzet, Susan B. Wright
    Recording Secretary - Syndey Linssen
    Treasurer - Danica Linssen
    Student Representatives - Sami Linssen and Nick Greseth (currently freshman)

    Committee Chair: Give to the Max Fundraising - Chris Aerts

    Fundraising Chair: Vineeta Branby


    • Vote on day for meetings next year – unanimous voice vote to keep M/T split


    • Fundraising opportunity with USBank Stadium – James Farnsworth/Jenny Stevens. Jenny is HPE PTA chair and works for Armark, the owners of concession stands at the Viking stadium. We could receive 10% food 8% liquor yet need to commit to 20 major events per year. ½ of the events are Viking games. There are 39 stands that range from 5 to 20 people. The more people you have, you could be assigned two booths and get profits from both booths. There is a mandatory 3 hour unpaid training and if we want to do this, we need to move quickly as there is an event in July. We could sign up for 10 events. Participants would need to be there about 3 or 4 hours before the event and it is easiest to have a site coordinator who is the main contact point for all. While there was interest there was also hesitation. It was agreed that we would have a quick exploratory committee consisting of Chris, Danica, Jody, Eileen and James who will let us know within 2 weeks if this opportunity is viable. Concern that we can’t get parents to sign up for the stuff we have at school
    • Graduation party – Kathy and Kynn are co-chairs who are planning an awesome party. The doors will open at 9:30pm – doors close at 10:30pm. The group is now in its final push stages for staffing the party and now raising monies for the party. Donations are accepted. They have parents on the committee who are currently parents of juniors and hope to have a few leaders for next year. There was discussion on Class of 2015 chaperoning some events and the school requested this not happen/not enough age separation.
    • Huge thank you from the group to Jody and David for leading the PTSA this school year. We know it is not an easy job and you handled it with grace.