Unit 2

  • El Cucumbro

    HighPriorityBenchmark for Unit 2

  - USE tables, bar graphs, timelines, and Venn diagrams to DISPLAY data sets. The data may include fractions or decimals. UNDERSTAND that spreadsheet tables and graphs can be USED to DISPLAY data. 


    This means that you should be able to collect data about different things, such as numbers of siblings or books someone reads, and show that data in different ways.


    Click on these words to see examples:  table,  bar graph,  timeline,  Venn Diagram


    Key Vocabulary









    Learning Targets


    • I can collect data.

    • I can organize data.

    • I can create an appropriate display for a data set.


    • I can interpret a variety of graphs, tables, diagrams, and spreadsheets.


    Big Ideas


    Data can be collected and organized in different ways.

    A data set can be displayed and interpreted in various ways.


    Essential Questions


    How can you collect and organize data? 

    How can you display and interpret data?


    Flex Wall Activities