El Lago del Bosque

  • Concordia Language Villages

    This year's Concordia Language Villages trip will be May 14-17th, 2020!!! 

    Concordia Language Villages is an annual trip to a full Spanish language immersion camp, in Bemidji, Minnesota. The camp is located approximately 4.5 hours northwest of the Twin Cities.  Students are immersed in the Spanish language throughout the day and engaged with it through song, dance, games, and interactions with native/fluent Spanish speakers. Click here for more information on the camp. 

    1. $75 registration fee (check/money order made to Concordia Language Villages)

    2. Registration form

    3. special accommodations health form

    4. BOTH SPPS field trip permisison forms (printed back to back- they look the same)

    5. SPPS health form. 

    Scholarships are available on a limited basis ($75 from the camp or possible family sponsorship/s). Students must write an essay to be chosen from,  by Ms. McCain and Mr. Fomafung.  The essay should be about 3 paragraphs and explain,: 1. Why you enjoy learning Spanish, 2. Why you want to go to camp. 3. What you plan on possibly doing with Spanish in the future (how could you use Spanish in the future?

    Special accommodations health form 

    Registration form-return bottom half!

    SPPS field trip permission form (both sides!!!)

    SPPS overnight field trip form Doctor's signature needed for all prescriptions! 

    Packing list


     *Please note that priority will be given to 8th graders and 7th graders that have not attended Concordia Language Villages with Capitol Hill. 50 spots are available.