Superintendent Column: Welcome Back to School

  • Thein

    “The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever.” – Bud Meyer


    Our lives are a string of moments that turn into hours, days, months, years, and finally, a lifetime. Within each of these segments of time are moments, moments that are imprinted on our minds. These moments create vivid pictures that remain with us for our entire lives. At this time of the year one of those “magic moments” is close at hand: the first day of school.

    Each of us remembers our first day of school. Many families take pictures at the start of each school year and retain these special mementoes. Pictures of the first day of school help parents mark a special time in the life of the most important person they know: their child.

    I want each SPPS family to know that their child is special to us, too. No, we are not the parent or guardian of their child. That is a special responsibility that may be carried out only by a parent or guardian. We -- the teachers, principals, administrators and other staff of SPPS -- are here to work in cooperation with families to ensure their children have the educational opportunities they need to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

    SPPS families allow us to play a role in the moments that someday will make up their child’s memories of school. This is a responsibility and a challenge, one to which we rise every year.

    I see it as an honor, and I hope you do too.


    John Thein