• Homework is important in Kindergarten in order to set up a routine at home. The foundation of your child's education is set up in Kindergarten and I feel that homework is for practice.

    Encourage your child to explore their packet when they are feeling enthusiastic. The youngest students benefit from a special place all their own for doing homework. You may provide a light snack if necessary, to help your child along.

    Each day your child can work on one page at a time. There are two literacy pages and one math page. If your child enjoys doing the entire packet in one sitting, that is up to them, since this would depend on if they are tired or not after school. By keeping the same spot, either at a desk or at the dining room table, you can have an eye on them. Homework comes home on Monday and is due on Friday. If your child requires more time, it is okay to let me know and they can finish it over the weekend. Sometimes starting with the math page is more fun. Please write a note saying what was done on the math page.

    Thank you for your partnership along the road in your child's educational journey.