• M. Ka is my Teaching Assistant. He comes from Senegal. He has been a part of the LNFI family for two years, so this is his third year here, coaching French soccer after school, helping in our classrooms and in the Lunch Room every day. M. Ka enjoys movies, traveling, playing soccer and he enjoyed studying English, Majored in American Studies, specializing in American History, Literature and Civilization at Cheik Anta Diop University of Dakkar in Senegal. M. Ka enjoys reading Philosophic books and is currently writing a dissertation on The Republic of Plato.


    Mlle Murer is my Intern and she comes from Mulhouse, France, a city in the East of France, near the Swiss and German borders. She is 25 years old and looks forward to experiencing life in Saint Paul. Mlle Murer has a  Bachelor's Degree in Education and she lived in Lyon for two years where she finished a Master's degree in Elementary Education. In addition to her studies, she worked as a senior advisor assistant in a high school. In 2015 she spent a year in New Jersey as an Au Pair. In 2018 she taught Elementary school in Illinois for a month. Upon completion of this school year as an Intern she plans to return to France to begin her career as an elementary School Teacher. She is looking forward to sharing her culture with our students and learning about the new classroom practices she will use with her future students.