• Here are just a few apps that we use! You can download them in Self Service!




    SPPS Approved APPS  Approved Apps (We use many of these in class, especially Seesaw, Epic, Pebble Go, Educreations, Toolkit Math) 

    https://www.youcubed.org/resources/mathematical-mindsets/   Mathematical Mindsets-growing your child's math brain, growht mindset.  

    https://mathematicreativity.weebly.com/ms-math.html    Ms. Math and ways to "think math."

    http://www.freerice.com Get the family together to practice/learn some new vocabulary words and give the gift of rice to those who are in need of nourishment!  It's a win-win!! : )

    http://gonoodle.com     Active and relaxation activities to help students release energy, or calm down with the characters in GoNoodle!

    Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street  (App)   Students are put in different (primary) situations and help the monster breathe, choose a strategy, and act out the strategy.  This app is helpful for toddlers to primary aged children.