7th Grade Accelerated Science

  • Accelerated Science 7 is a yearlong in depth life science course that integrates middle school biology with chemistry and meteorology content as well as the history and nature of science and engineering. This course introduces both basic and advanced science concepts through inquiry, lab investigations, modeling, small group work, and hand-on activities. This course is designed for students with a strong interest in science and a desire for a more in-depth science experience. Accelerated Science 7 prepares students for Accelerated Science 8 and advanced high school science courses.

    This year we will be investigating…

    • Nature of Science & Engineering – Science Inquiry
    • Cells & Chemistry
    • Genetics
    • Classification & Evolution
    • Human Body Systems
    • Microorganisms and Disease
    • Meteorology
    • Ecology



    Once the students have their iPads a lot of information can be found on Schoology.  Students will also be submitting their assignments on Schoology.  Please take time to explore Schoology and have your student show you how we are using it in class.  Please contact me immediately if you have any questions.