6th Grade Accelerated Physical Science

  • Physical Science 6 is a year long physical science course that covers basic middle school physics and chemistry concepts as well as the engineering design process and the nature of science. Students learn about the properties of matter, how materials and atoms interact in a physical change, types of energy, waves, light, forces and motion. Students use observations, laboratory investigations, and problem solving to analyze and understand the science of everyday physics and chemical phenomena. This laboratory course prepares students for Life Science 7 or Accelerated Science 7.

    This year we will be investigating…

    • Nature of Science & Engineering – Science Inquiry
    • Metric Measurements & Density
    • Matter
    • Atoms, Elements, & the Periodic Table
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Motion & Energy
    • Forces
    • Waves, Light, & Sound
    • Heat Energy


    Find our vocabulary words on Quizlet.com.  Search CH6thgradescience and find the unit we are currently studying.  You can also download the Quizlet app. 


    Once the students have their iPads a lot of information can be found on Schoology.  Students will also be submitting their assignments on Schoology.  Please take time to explore Schoology and have your student show you how we are using it in class.  Please contact me immediately if you have any questions.