AP Testing Schedule

  • ***Due to the Coronavirus and closing of school, click on the following link for further information regarding AP testing schedule: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-calendar

    Dear AP Students: 

    In order to take the AP exam(s) in May of 2021, you must be enrolled in your AP course(s) and registered for your AP exam(s) by November 12th, 2020 through the college board.   

    If you have not joined an AP course(s) and registered for your AP exam(s), you may do so by going to:  myap.collegeboard.org to create an account immediately.  Your AP teacher can provide you with a course key code to join his/her AP class. 

    After you have registered for your AP exam(s), make sure to order your exam;  Otherwise, an AP exam will not be ordered for you. 

    It is extremely important that you order your exam now because a $40 additional fee applies to each exam ordered after the November 12th deadline. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Lo in Room 1712 for further information.