• About Our Digital Suitcases

    These eight Digital Suitcases were developed by educators during the summer of 2013 through a partnership with Saint Paul Public Schools’ Multicultural Resource Center and the Minnesota Humanities Center. Each Digital Suitcase includes: 

    Three lessons aligned with Minnesota social studies standards, benchmarks, and grade levels
    A multiple perspectives/absent narratives focus (see below), strengthened by including input from community members throughout the process
    A list of supplemental resources, both digital and print, many of which are available at the CEC

    Funding for this project was generously provided by The Saint Paul Foundation, the F.R. Bigelow Foundation, The Travelers Foundation, the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.


    K       1          2          3

    Kindergarten: Diverse Families   1st Grade: Oral History     4th Grade: Immigrant Groups    6th Grade: Dawes Act &
                                                                                                                                                                        Homestead Act


    5       1          5          3

    7th Grade: Civil Rights        8th Grade: Latino Cultures     10th Grade: Human Trafficking    11th Grade: Immigrants &




    About Our St. Paul Rondo/West Side Trunks

    These trunks were developed during the summer of 2012 by Saint Paul teachers in partnership with the CEC and the Minnesota Humanities Center.  A total of nine trunks were developed, each focusing on either Saint Paul’s Rondo neighborhood or the West Side neighborhood. Each trunk addresses a specific grade level, benchmark/standard and emphasizes an Absent Narratives approach (see below).

    Most of the trunk materials are available digitally, and they are also available in a physical form. The physical trunks include books, maps and other resources that were difficult or impossible to fully digitize. These are available for check out for SPPS staff - go to the collections page on the website to learn more and see photos of the resources contained in the physical trunks.


    3           5            1                 


        Rondo: 2nd Grade                       Rondo: 3rd Grade                        Rondo: 6th Grade                         


    5         3               5


         Rondo: 7th Grade                    Rondo: 8th Grade                  Other Rondo Resources





    Additional Online Curriculum


    5          3         5


         Capitol Art Project           Diverse Children's Literature    Literacy/Social Studies Alignment