• Language Arts

    Vocabulary: Words with “Zz”, growing up, review

    Reading: Message, letters, sounds

    Writing: We are now ready to publish our first own/personal poem

    Handwriting: “Zz”,

    Speaking: Sharing our poems, Me books, and alphabet books


    Calendar math: Routines

    Number sense: Count by 1s, 10s, 5s, 2s to 171, backward from 30, identify 0-30, What’s My Rule with Numbers/Revisit function machines, Missing number problems

    Time: Time match game

    Weighing and measuring: The pan balance

    Money sense: Review, the $1 and $10 bills

    Graphing: Understanding the weather graphs for the year


    Social Studies

    Week 37:

    Milestones: My birthday, right vs. left-handed, when I grow up…


    Dance/Movement: Choose favorites

    Music with specialist every day


    Week 37:

    Theme art: Make an end-of-the year crown, hand prints, decorate the cover pages of several books

    Alphabet page: Un zèbre (zebra)


    Daily Weather Report and Graph

    Answering questions about the weather graphs for the year


    iPad practice

    Physical Education

    Plenty of movement in our classroom!